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♥ ガンバレッツゴー!♥


Who I am?

Welcome here!

First, I don't add people I've never spoke with before. That's why I ask for a comment or something, but don't be afraid, I don't rejected people who seem friendly neither.^^

I'm french so, the entries are going to be more likely in french (at least when that's about personnal matters).

I'm a 20 old years french girl and I've been into my fandoms for the past 6 years.
Right now I'm learning english (..yeah, I know, incredible right? Considering my poor level...XD), japanese and economics at the uni.

More than everything, I love traveling. Everywhere. (But I can't stand big cities. I have my own home town for that. Country side is a way better when comes time to travel and to see a different side of the country <3)

The Lj?

I could say I love almost everything. Really. xD
From models to idols and actors, I can't manage to make a list, it will be too long, just go and check my interests. (。・_・。)ノ 
And I'm into fashion, a lot.
That's why, I'm going to write about the last magazine I've read, the last movie/drama/butai I've seen or just..go crazy about some matters not really important but, well, who cares? xD

But because I'm a "fangirl" (even though I don't like 'crazy-young-stupids' fangirls) , I'll speak about my fandoms sometimes.......Okay. Most of the time~
I love J-pop, C-pop and K-pop but not only boys band, I listen all types of musics, Orchestras are love too~
About my 'fangirlish' side : Johnny's, Amuse and D-boys = ♥ I said it, I like the most part of the entertaiment so~~ xD ( don't ask me, I can't pick up. xD)

Oh and, I....do...love...Kamen rider. (・ε・)ノ (are you still here? You didn't run away? XD)

I'll provide Sale, I don't like the idea to throw away my old 'fangirl items', I rather prefer to sold them at low price ^^
So if you are interested in just go and check sometimes!
I'll let the 'Sale post' open to public, please don't ask to be friend for that!

If you have any questions just ask. ♪


Credits to chewonit/brightblinds <3333