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D-STAGE_Trial 2 / The Last Game

*Je trouve que je poste trop ces derniers jours, ça me perturbe..xD*

Seto Koji's set from the Last Game

( He was so great! A so good actor that I can't find my words to explain how much I was impressed just by seeing him playing, not even a fangirl's feeling, but just a real respect, our boy is so great!
And same goes for the other! Yanagi was just so much love too ♥ 
They just made my ears bleed at the end when they sang but well..XD ♥)

From september, Koji's set and one Channaka's pic
*didn't have enough money to buy the three of them~~event though he was handsome~*

And some randoms photosets of Koji.
(some are from the musical of Prince of Tennis)

I also scanned my PAMPHLET.
(Well, you can't see the text, but, at least you can perfeclty see the boys ;DDD )

Check the quality:


Please comment if you're taking and credit me, I like to share things, but it took me hours to scan it all *and got my pamphlet damaged* so just some courtesy won't hurt right? :)

EDIT: Too much leechers~ Is it so hard to be polite? *upset*

So change the way, I put a password, if you want to get the files, please just comment and ask for the PW,

I'll give it to you right away ♥ ♥  ^___^

You'll only loose some minutes, and I'll be happy! That's not a big deal~~ ;D

Koji's set from The Last Game

Others Sets


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