Coco (ly025) wrote,

Tenimyu Sets: Special from Osaka and Normal Echizen


Since some people asked me, here are the Echizen Ryoma and special sets from the
Osaka representation Seigaku VS Hyotei.

Seigaku Echizen Ryom - Oogoe Yuki

Special sets

Echizen Ryoma

Kikumaru Eiji

And, I still also have a full set of Koseki Yuta (as Kikumaru Eiji) brand new, never opened from the Seigaku VS Hyotei representations.
(The one I scanned is my own set, but the set I'm selling is another one that I bought for a friend *but she already bought it so...*)

I'm selling it at the same price I bought it 6€, shipping fees are not included and it'll be from France. :)

And as usual, you can use everything as long as you CREDIT me ;D

And comments are highly appreciated! ♥♥♥♥♥

Tags: amuse, photoset, sale
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