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♥ ガンバレッツゴー!♥

Friends Only
[Coco's world!]

If you want to be add as a friend ask for it and just tell me why in comments!
Don't be afraid I've never bit anyone till now XD

About sale's post, I'll let it open for public .
Same goes for the things I shared in public entries.
Unless a very good reason, I won't make them private.

Enjoy yourself! _o/

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Tenimyu Sets: Special from Osaka and Normal Echizen

Since some people asked me, here are the Echizen Ryoma and special sets from the
Osaka representation Seigaku VS Hyotei.

Echizen Ryoma and Kikumaru Eiji sets & sets to sellCollapse )

And, I still also have a full set of Koseki Yuta (as Kikumaru Eiji) brand new, never opened from the Seigaku VS Hyotei representations.
(The one I scanned is my own set, but the set I'm selling is another one that I bought for a friend *but she already bought it so...*)

I'm selling it at the same price I bought it 6€, shipping fees are not included and it'll be from France. :)


And as usual, you can use everything as long as you CREDIT me ;D

And comments are highly appreciated! ♥♥♥♥♥

Koji Seto, Totani Kimito, Hamao Kyousuke and Prince Of Tennis SETS
I decided to share some sets I bought this summer ^^

Read more...Collapse )

As usual, of course you can use these photos but if you could credit me please ^^

And, COMMENTS are moooooore than welcome♥♥♥

Random sets ( Miura Haruma / Sakurada Dori / Yukito Nishii ) + SUPERLIVE mini Pamphlet + FLUMPOOL


EDIT: More sets added + SUPERLIVE mini pamphlet. 

Miura, Dori & Yukito setsCollapse )

As usual, please don't forget to credit me, I don't mind sharing but well~ ^_^
And comments are more than welcome <3 
(the less you thanks, the less we share.)

And, ENJOY! <3

D-STAGE_Trial 2 / The Last Game
Koji Seto &lt;3


THE GAME 2010.Host's cards.

CLUBファイCollapse )

Oh my god! Can't wait to get my DVD! ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ

serviettes gateaux
Hi there!

I'm currently selling

2 Group's poster from the KAT-TUN's BtR Concert (not the Summer,  the 10 days ^^)  Never Use! In perfect conditions  ;D   1 Sold, only 1 available

=> $18 (12€) each excluding shipping fees

free image host free image host free image host


I have one more Anan special Mr.Brain ( not just a few pages but all the magazine is featuring Kimutaku and the Cast / Guest ^^ ) 

=> $10 (7€) excludig shipping fees

 free image host free image host free image host free image host free image host

I'll ship from FRANCE, feel free to ask for more pics of the goodies ;D

(Because of the expensive shipping fees French buyers are prefered but I can ship internationally if you want ^^ )

Paypal payment is prefered but for French buyers  I can accept Cash  but at your own risks.

Please, serious buyers only ;D

Comments are screened , let your e-mail  your name and your country! ^^
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